Ingram Portrait Design | Sewickley, PA



All sessions are with our Master Photographer, CPP Pam Ingram.


1 hour Session in-studio     

We offer students the option to use both formal and casual during their sessions.
We enjoy letting students use their wardrobe choices to convey their style and personality.


1.5 hour Session – split between in-studio and outside the studio 

This session begins with the Traditional Session and adds some additional creativity and lighting
by moving outdoors to some wonderful locations: our sprawling porch,
a shady spot under a towering maple tree, or a candid shot lounging on the front sidewalk or back alley.



In your home or another location of your choice within a 20 mile radius of our studio*.
Some seniors have a special room or place around their home or yard that they wish
to capture with their senior portrait session; we gladly pack up our studio and move it to the desired location.
Others want to use their school, neighborhood, or other special scenic location.

*For any locations beyond the 20 mile range, please call us for a price consultation.


2 hour Session around the city of Pittsburgh   $390     

Our city and its surrounding neighborhoods provide excellent urban backdrops for senior portraits.
The parks, bridges, and buildings allow us to create portraits like none other to reflect not only the style of the senior but also of our city.

A few examples of our many favorite Urban Safari locations are:
Schenley Park, Frick Park/Regent Square, Washington’s Landing, the
West End, Station Square, the North Shore, and Mt. Washington.


2 hour Session around Sewickley*

Familiarity with the Sewickley area affords our photographer, Pam Ingram, to take her clients to some of the most unique locations around; some are easy to find and some are hidden right in front of us But under Pam’s careful scrutiny the common becomes extraordinary! We take you, and as many clothing changes as you desire, around the striking landscape of Sewickley: the tree-lined streets, the old stone walls, the winding creeks, and the rolling hills as well as the bridge, railroad tracks, and streets of the Village of Sewickley. The surroundings come to life, adding brilliance to each portrait.

*If your residence is within Sewickley, we will also complete part of your Safari at your home if you wish.

*We welcome seniors to bring their car along if they would like to have their portrait taken with it.

*We love to photograph high school seniors with their pets!

*Tell us about yours.


15 minute Session in-studio

Spend a short time in our studio to get your professional yearbook image.
Includes a retouched and recomposed digital yearbook image sent directly to your school.
Also includes a package of printed portraits of the yearbook image: 1-8×10 and 2-5x7s.

Ingram Portrait Design | Sewickley, PA