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Why Our Studio?

And why choose our studio?

So, you’re a High School Senior, and you’re wondering,

“Where can I get awesome senior portraits that capture the real me?”

As we see it, these are your options:

  1. “One of my friends” – “I have a friend who is a “photographer!”” Usually this person has little or no experience with great lighting, background selection, posing, clothing choices, or retouching. It may be a cheap or it may be a free option … but really, don’t you want someone to photograph you who has the skills, passion and training to make you look the very best you ever have in a photograph?
  2. “The Facebook Photographer” – You know the one we are talking about. He’s always loved photography. So, one day he went to Best Buy, bought a camera, and announced his new profession. The next day, he made a Facebook page, uploaded some photographs of relatives taken in the backyard. This clearly does not a professional photographer make. This should make you think of the saying:
    “You get what you pay for.”
  3. “Department Store” – Why would anyone choose a department store photography kiosk? The people who work there have no formal training in making you look great! They have basic training on how to push the shutter, and how to sell pictures.
    Don’t waste your money. “You get what you pay for.”
  4. “The Weekend Warrior” – This person usually has a full-time job in a field other than photography. Most of the time this person, who may genuinely love photography, is looking for a quick buck to have some “fun money.” So, she starts a “photography business.” Your Senior Portraits tend to endure well into your adult life. Remember, the image(s) you use from your session will be what your friends and family use to remember you at this age. Hence, we do not recommend this type of “photographer.” Again, refer to the quote above: “You get what you pay for.”
  5. Professional Photography Studio – Let’s be honest! After looking at all of these options, you know you want something so much more for your Senior Portrait experience! You want: great lighting and posing, cool backgrounds, help with deciding what to wear, conversation about the goals of your portrait session.
    Bottom line: you want to choose a professional portrait studio.
    And, ok, there are lots of them out there. So, which one do you pick?

    What makes Ingram Portrait Design the best choice?

Keep reading to find out….

Having photographed High School Seniors from schools all over the Pittsburgh area and from schools in several other cities in the United States for the last 17 years, Ingram Portrait Design is the choice for you!

– Our photographer, Pam Ingram is a Master, Certified Professional Photographer, through Professional Photographers of America. She has studied with and been trained by some of the foremost internationally acclaimed professional photographers, while attending numerous conferences, seminars and courses throughout the past two decades. Our professional lighting will flatter you. Pam will provide you with portraits of yourself that make you look the best you’ve ever looked in a photograph. You will get incredible images.

– We offer an extensive variety of lighting patterns, natural on-location and studio backgrounds, and posing. The resulting images are unique to you and will set you apart from your friends.

– Selecting your clothing with an eye to storytelling, color harmony and style, Pam will counsel you on what clothes and accessories to bring to your professional portrait session. We also partner with professional make-up artists and hair stylists who are ready to work with you if you like to prepare you for your portrait session.-

We stay on the cutting edge of photographic portrait art products. Each year we research the newest and best products the photographic industry has to offer and make them available to you. Wall art, photographic books and prints, custom cards and announcements – you name it. We have it. And if we don’t we are always glad to explore new items of interest to our clients.

Indoor and outdoor, we have it nailed for you. Lighting; cool, edgy locations; innovative; inspiriting landscapes; contemplative trails. We maximize the benefits of the portrait studio and of the natural environs to give you photography to wow your heart and mind.

– Our pricing (packages and a la carte) is designed to help you save money while getting the most beautiful portrait art pieces you can imagine for your home, as well as wonderful gifts for your family and friends. Jennifer is our sales person. She is salaried, not on commission. Her motivation is to help you select your favorite images from your portrait session and use them in a way that delights you now and for years to come.

We take good customer service seriously. Our goal is to exceed your expectations for your experience with us, from your first telephone call or email to taking delivery of your completed portraits.

We look forward to meeting you and to working with you, and we await your call.

Pam Ingram, Master Photographer, CPP

Jennifer Krayvo, Studio Manager and Photographer’s Assistant

Ingram Portrait Design | Sewickley, PA